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The company was founded in 1939 as an importer, quickly establishing itself as the largest representative of the American and European dental industries in Brazil. Over the next 40 years, the company underwent major changes when started producing local dental products and built its headquarters in Jacarepaguá Pharmaceutical Complex in Rio de Janeiro.


Starting the injectable anesthetics production in 1998 marked a new era for DFL, since recognition of quality of these products triggered a new phase of growth for the company.

A major internal restructuring modernized DFL, allowing produtivy increase and the creation of a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, as well as the expansion of the product portfolio. In addition, a new production line was inaugurated, designed at further expanding the production of anaesthetics, in order to increase participation in the domestic and international market.

DFL turned 80 years old expecting to grow more and more. Each new step is a new beginning, with the experience accumulated in almost a century of performance.

These and other innovative actions are reflected positively not only for the dental segment, through the development of new products, research, analysis of new markets, new business, but also in the growth opportunities offered to the DFL's employees and society, in the delivery of solutions and generation of new jobs.


Today, DFL exports to more than 45 countries and have very important certifications, such as GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice, in force by ANVISA, which has the mandatory practices in production processes; CE Certification, which allows DFL to trade products in the European community; ISO 13485: 2016, which regulates safety and effectiveness in products and services in the medical market; and FDA - Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency of Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, which aims to protect public health and certifies the medical products and devices that ensure safety and effectiveness.

These and other certifications allow DFL products to be distributed in some of the world's most important markets - and promote innovation. Based on tradition and know-how in anesthetics and aligned with market needs, the company is entering into the medical segment, starting with the distribution of the COVID-19 IgG/IgM Test and other developments in this direction, thinking about supplying important medical demands.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

DFL is aware of its social responsibility. Revealing itself to be a true citizen company, it seeks the constant improvement of a sustainable work structure and carefully studies its participation with the community.

We have partnerships with Hospital Mário Kröeff - which for 70 years has been providing dignified care to the most needy populations in the city of Rio de Janeiro - and with Creche Dom de Amar - with monthly donations for the purchase of diapers and milk. We also run campaigns on Children's Day and Christmas.

Regarding social responsibility, DFL is also engaged in a Sustainability project, where human actions and activities that aim to meet the current needs of human beings do not compromise the future of the next generations..

Environmental Policy

  • Prevent pollution by establishing environmental management practices.
  • Motivate our employees to grow environmental awareness and seek continuous improvement in the preservation of the environment.
  • Rational use of natural resources and energy efficiency.
  • Meet the applicable legal requirements related to environmental aspects.

Tel: +5521 3528 6766

Rua André Rocha, 3210 - Taquara
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil
Zip Code. 22710-568

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