Terms of Use

DFL believes that one of the main factors that contribute to the success of any company is the ethical conduct of its representatives, associates, collaborators, and partners. Ethics, therefore, must permeate from the institutional routine to the company's business relationships. This necessarily goes through the observance of some fundamental elements, such as shared values, governance, transparency, social responsibility, and fairness.

It is exactly in this scenario that the DFL reaffirms its position on the subject of data privacy and is committed to the continuous defense of its principles.

The Terms of Use regulate the general conditions of use of the DFL websites, platforms and internet applications in compliance with Law 12.965/2014 (Marco Civil da Internet). It is worth remembering that all personal information regarding customers or visitors using the sites, platforms and applications will be handled in accordance with the General Law of Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 13.709/2018) and its amendments by MP 869/2018.

By using DFL's websites, platforms or internet applications, you expressly and fully agree to the Terms of Use.

The company DFL Indústria e Comércio S/A is called "DFL" as a whole, including its e-commerce portals, institutional site, platforms, applications and social networks.

Thus, we present our Terms of Use so that our Users and holders of personal data can easily understand the conditions for using our Sites, Platforms and Applications, and the way we collect and use your information in our activities. If you have questions, contact us through our service channels.


1. Terms of Use Update


We remind you that the Terms of Use, as well as the contents and functionalities of our channels, may be updated at any time for legal or regulatory reasons, by the use of new technologies and/or functionalities whenever DFL understands that changes are necessary.

By continuing to access our Sites, Platforms and Applications after the changes, which will be posted on these channels, you agree to the changes as well.


2. Specific Terms and Conditions of Use


In addition to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, some Sites, Platforms and Applications may have specific services and functionalities and their own or additional terms and conditions for their use. In such case, additional terms will be available on such Sites, Platforms and Applications and will apply if you use such services and functionality.


3. Access to restricted content


Some of our Sites, Platforms and Applications have open content and restricted content areas. In order to have access to the restricted content, it may be necessary for the User to register, providing some personal information for the creation of a login and password.

Be aware that the information you provide is correct, because you are responsible for its veracity. If there are any inconsistencies, this may impact your access to the Site, Platform or Application.

Please note that we do not have access to the fingerprint or facial recognition information that is registered on your mobile phone or device to access the Applications, as this information is maintained only by the companies that develop the operating systems, in accordance with each company's Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

How is my registration data used?

You can check the Personal Data collected and how it is used in our Privacy Policy.

Can I share my login, password, and security device with third parties?

Only you can use your login and password, so sharing with third parties is prohibited. Note that your access is personal and non-transferable, and you are entirely responsible for the safekeeping, secrecy, and proper use of your login and password.


4. Object


Through its Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications, DFL provides access to various contents and services, allowing greater interaction with its users and clients. Enabling business transactions, availability of vacancies and exchange of data about their products.


5. Adherence with privacy and security policy


Use of the DFL Sites, Platforms and Internet applications implies adherence to the Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy. Because of this, you should read these documents carefully.

If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you should not use our Sites, Platforms and Applications.


6. Conditions of access and use of the sites, platforms or applications


In general, access to DFL Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications is free for all users and does not require prior registration.

However, to contact us through Contact Us the User will eventually need to provide name, e-mail, state, city, telephone and message, which will be directed to our Customer Service.
Users who wish to apply to work with us through the site can submit data such as: Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, State, City, Neighborhood, Address, Education, Areas of Activity, Level, Mini Resume and Attach your CV in digital format. Data that will be used for contact by our recruitment and selection area for participation in the selection processes.

In order to send the material to the Research Support, the user must inform Name, E-mail, Telephone, Mobile, State, City, Neighborhood, Address, Title, Institution, Department, Course, and Advisor.
The survey must be attached in one of the permitted formats: zip, .doc, txt, xlse ppt.

In order to contact Pharmacovigilance and report an adverse event occurred with one of our anesthetics, the User must send an e-mail to farmacovigilancia@dfl.com.br and inform the following data: Patient Data (initials, gender, age, weight, etc.); The product involved (with batch number if possible); Rapporteur data (name, address, phone numbers, e-mail).

On the Virtual Promoter page the user can get in touch directly via WhatsApp, or if you prefer, you can inform the name, telephone number, e-mail and message so that our promoter can contact you.

It is the User's responsibility to provide only correct, true, authentic, complete, and updated information.

DFL is not responsible for the content, correction, veracity, authenticity, completeness or updating of the data provided by its users, not even for the eventual improper use of information published in its environment.

DFL does not agree with the publication of contents and comments that infringe the rights of authors or third parties, business secrets or that have a discriminatory, offensive or illicit nature.

DFL also reserves the right to edit or even delete any content posted by users that does not comply with the law, its Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

This condition, however, does not constitute an obligation of the DFL, being that, by force of art. 15, paragraph 3 of Law 12,965/14, requests for editing or removal of content must be in the form of a court order, a request from the Public Ministry, of police or administrative authority.


7. How our sites, platforms and applications should not be used


Be aware of the following practices that go against our terms of use:

  • committing any illicit act, violate the rights of DFL or third parties, and violate current legislation;
  • using any automated system/application to perform queries, accesses, or any other mass operation, for any purpose, without authorization from DFL;
  • sending or transmission of any content that is erotic, pornographic, obscene, slanderous, defamatory, of physical or moral violence, with apology for crime, drug use, consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking products, as well as that promotes or incites hatred, illegal activities, prejudice or any other form of discrimination for any reason;
  • performing acts that harm any DFL Site, Platform or Application and other User's and third party's equipment, including by use of malware or any other means for this purpose.


8. Responsibilities

You as a User are responsible:

  • for all of your actions or omissions performed on our Sites, Platforms and Applications;
  • for the content that you have submitted and/or transmitted on the Sites, Platforms and Applications; e
  • for damages caused to DFL, third parties or other users from your access to and use of our Sites, Platforms and Applications.

Thus, we are not responsible for the items mentioned above and for unavailability and technical failures of the system of the Sites, Platforms and Applications. Please also note that content submitted and/or transmitted by users and/or third parties does not represent the opinion or views of DFL.


9. Use of information


The materials contained in the sites, platforms and applications are the intellectual property of DFL and/or have been granted permission to use by partners. The information available on the Sites, Platforms and Applications is intended to explain the products and services offered by DFL, as well as publicizing events promoted by the DFL.

Unauthorized copying and/or reproduction of the images and content displayed on this site is prohibited. The User has the right to access, read, print and download material from this site for personal use only, not for commercial use. Unless the material has an indication for permitted commercial use.

In the case of content that you submit or transmit through the Sites, Platforms and Applications, you irrevocably authorize DFL to use the intellectual rights to it without any restriction or limitation of any nature. But don't worry: the use, by DFL of these contents sent by you will observe the provisions of the secrecy rules. You also warrant that the contents you submit do not infringe on the rights of third parties.


10. Lack of guarantee of continuity of services


Due to technical and operational issues, the DFL Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications do not guarantee permanent availability of its services and functionalities, and reserves the right to cancel any of these services or functionalities at any time.

Thus, at any time, without prior or subsequent notice, DFL may suspend, cancel or interrupt access to the Sites, Platforms and Applications, including if the use of these channels contravenes the provisions herein.


11. Privacy of user data (liability for fraud)


DFL respects the privacy of visitors to this site and forbids the use of its Sites, Platforms and internet Applications to send unsolicited messages of any nature, via electronic mail.

For more information on how DFL respects and protects personal data, please read the Privacy Policy. If you receive any unsolicited or potentially intrusive e-mail on behalf of DFL, please report it through the Contact Us channel on the main page menu.


12. Users' rights as to their personal data

Users are entitled, upon request to the Data Protection Officer:

  • confirmation of the existence of treatment;
  • access to personal data;
  • correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • anonymization, blocking, or elimination of data that is unnecessary, excessive, or processed in violation of the provisions of this Law;
  • portability of the data to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the ANPD regulations;
  • revocation of consent and consequent elimination of the personal data processed, except in the cases foreseen in art. 16 of the LGPD;
  • information from public and private entities with which the controller has shared data use;
  • information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of refusal;

DFL reserves the right to maintain data processing if it has a legal basis for processing applicable to the specific case, such as, but not limited to, compliance with a legal obligation, contract enforcement, legitimate interest, etc.


13. Personal data controller

For issues regarding the processing of personal data, the data subject should contact the person in charge at DFL through the e-mail:dpo@dfl.com.br


14. Links to other websites and third-party applications


Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are not valid on third party Sites and Applications. Our Sites, Platforms and Applications may direct users to other sites and other DFL communications channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The provision of these links has the purpose of facilitating the search for information available on the internet, and there is no kind of connection, association or endorsement between DFL and the owners of the external pages.

When directed to another Site, it is important that the User read the respective Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. DFL is not responsible for information and opinions contained on another Site, Platform and Application and has no liability with respect to such third parties.


15. User submitted content


Our Sites, Platforms and Applications may allow users to submit content such as comments, images, messages, photos, etc., for posting on open content areas of the Sites, Platforms and Applications. For these cases, the contents sent and the identification of your profile, if any, may be viewed by other users, always complying with secrecy standards.

It may also be possible for the User to send content such as photos, documents, comments and other messages for purposes of registration, service or use of services available on the Sites, Platforms and Applications or other purposes. In such cases, submitted content will not be available in open content areas of the Sites, Platforms and Applications.

We remind you that, in any case, the contents sent will be under the responsibility of the person who sent them.


16. Deadline and changes


The operation of the DFL Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications is for an indefinite period. The Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications in whole or in each of their sections, may be terminated, suspended or discontinued unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice.

The Terms of Use can also be changed at any time. Changes will be prominently posted on DFL Sites, Platforms and Internet Applications.


17. Intellectual Property


The following items belong to DFL and can only be used with its previous and express authorization:


  • all software, applications or functionalities created, produced or contracted by DFL for the Sites and Applications, as well as their visual identity and content;
  • the company names, trademarks, patents, domain names, slogans, advertisements or any signs used to distinguish what is DFL inserted in the Sites and Applications.

In the case of content that you submit or transmit through the Sites and Applications, you authorize DFL to use the intellectual rights thereto on an irrevocable basis, without any restriction or limitation of any nature. But don't worry: the use, by DFL of these contents sent by you will observe the rules of the Terms of Use. You also warrant that the contents you submit do not infringe on the rights of third parties.


18. Applicable legislation


Brazilian law is applicable to the Terms of Use.


19. Competent court


For any litigation related to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the Court of the Judicial District of the Capital City of the State of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil will have jurisdiction.

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